Designing a website is a long job that requires specific skills. Obviously, not everyone has a team of developers and designers on their side who can design a quality professional site. Before calling on a service provider, it is essential to know how to make the right choice.

Work with an agency or a freelancer ?

In the creation of a website, you can choose to work with two types of service provider. You will have the choice between an agency and a freelancer.

Work with a Freelancer

A freelancer is a single person who has registered as a self-employed person. He generally works from home and can live both in France and anywhere in the world.

Work with a freelancer

Advantages :

  • These rates are moderate: there is no structural or personnel blow that a web agency could generate.
  • It is flexible: according to its various contracts, a freelancer to intervene very quickly in order to resolve a particular point.
  • He works alone: ​​he will be your only interlocutor, therefore, he will know your project perfectly.

The inconvenients :

  • These skills can be limited: A freelancer may be an expert in his field, but will not be able to master all the skills necessary for the overall creation of a website. You will therefore have to work in collaboration with several freelancers.
  • Limited work capacity: Working alone, he will not be able to take on too much work. Depending on his current projects, there could be delays in the project

Work in collaboration with a web agency

Advantages :

  • Multiple skills: the agency to act and the entirety of your project thanks to its multidisciplinary team.
  • Professionalism: an agency is often better organized because it specializes in this area of ​​activity.

The inconvenients :

  • Sometimes limited flexibility: An agency must manage a large number of projects. To do this, she has to prioritize projects according to their importance, the problem, or even two clients. It will therefore be less reactive than a freelancer.

Choose your provider

The person or agency you will work with will have to meet certain criteria. He will have to :

  • Make proposals and advise you while respecting your specifications and your objectives.
  • Have quality references in terms of carrying out projects and websites.
  • These rates must be consistent with his qualifications and experience.
  • He will have to provide after-sales service in the event of a future problem.
  • By observing the different sites of the providers, do not hesitate in case of hesitation to choose the one which seems to you the most technically accomplished, the clearest and the most modern.
  •  His estimate must be detailed and clear.
  •  Will it support you in your future web marketing strategy?

Why be rigorous in the selection of your collaborator?

Your website will take you time and cost you money. To be effective and profitable, it must be a real space for communication, especially since it will also be a factor of credibility for your company. In addition, your website will be one of the best ways to retain your customers. The person who will be responsible for its construction must therefore be able to create a quality, professional website, representative of your company's brand image.

Would you like to know more about our method and our prices? It's this way.

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