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Natural referencing (SEO) is important but you don't have the resources and skills? Outsource and focus on your business. Ours is to ensure that you stand out on search engines with the right keywords.
And we do this specifically for the wine, beer and spirits industry, whether you are a producer, supplier or publisher for the sector.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SEO and SEO?

Natural referencing and SEO are in everyday language, strictly the same thing, ie the positioning of a page or a website in the pages of search engine results. This is the most ROIst way to make a website profitable. SEO, in the strict sense of the term, means the optimizations made "on-site", ie within a site itself. In natural referencing, the notion of linking or netlinking seems more appropriate because natural referencing techniques also call for “off-site” optimizations.

Why is SEO important for my site?

A good SEO is the key to success to have its place in the top 3 of a result page. It is therefore essential to be present among the first 3 results offered on your expressions if you want to acquire qualified traffic and make sales. Hundreds of thousands of websites have made a fortune solely by positioning themselves in natural referencing! For this you must have a site that has been done properly, which is well optimized and which respects the main SEO criteria of Google.

How long does a web page take to be referenced (indexed)?
There is officially no set time to start indexing your website. This time can vary from a few minutes to several weeks depending on many criteria such as:

  • The popularity of the site (some call it linking)
  • The ability of the site to be crawled by robots
  • The level of technical optimization of the code
  • The structure of internal links
  • The quality of the content

In short, the indexing time remains quite variable and enigmatic. However, the average duration noted is approximately 2 days to 1 week. In order to speed up this time, we advise our clients to publish regularly on social networks and to be active enough from the launch of their site to accelerate indexing by search engines and by deduction their referencing.

After how long can we measure SEO results?

The first results of referencing are generally made from 2 months after the implementation of the technical recommendations. Low-competition (or long-tail) keywords will benefit first from these improvements and SEO traffic (in Google Analytics) will increase.

Why isn't my site ranked first on Google?

First of all you must check that the pages of your site have been indexed by search engines because otherwise your site will never appear. To do this, nothing could be simpler, go to and type the following query: "" If your site does not already appear, it means that it has not been indexed by Google. There are 3 levels in SEO:

  • Technical (markups, well-structured url, txt robot, etc.)
  • Editorial (qualitative content, SEO optimized, regularly updated)
  • Popularity (incoming links, social signals, active community…)

If you respect the three points mentioned above, a priori your chances of success are positive! But again, there are now more than 200 SEO criteria.

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In order to determine if your site requires SEO optimizations, you can first perform a free audit of your site.

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